Yet another nail in the coffin for the "No warming since 1998" claim

As I've already covered in the past (here, here, and here), the claim that the Earth hasn't warmed since 1998 is pure bunk.  Today, I re-ran a linear regression analysis and discovered that UAH satellite temperature data now shows statistically significant warming since 1998:

Jan. 1998-June 2013 UAH trend ± standard error:

+0.005860 ± 0.002867ºC per year, p = 0.04241

This makes UAH the second global data set to show statistically significant warming since 1998.  GISS was the first and now shows the following trend since 1998:

+0.005763 ± 0.002049ºC per year, p = 0.005443

The last two that I track, HadCRUT4 and NCDC, both show warming but it's not statistically significant as yet.

HadCRUT4 (Jan 1998-May 2013—hasn't updated to June yet)
+0.003812ºC ± 0.001960ºC per year, p = 0.05338

NCDC (Jan 1998-June 2013)
+0.003433 ± 0.001825ºC per year, p = 0.06158

Anyone want to predict when HadCRUT4 and NCDC will show statistically significant warming since 1998?  An even better question is "When will "skeptics" admit that the Earth has been warming since 1998?"


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